Six Station CNC Turret Lathes - AUTOCUT-25 / AUTOCUT-32

ABHIJAT" make Six Station CNC turret lathes are designed to cater both bar work and pneumatic chuck work. Preturned forged or Cast blanks can be used. The basic machine with 6 position turret, enables variety of turning, drilling. threading operation to be done in single set up.

The machine base iS a rigid fabricated construction. The spindle is mounted in precision ball bearings. The bearing are mounted directly in the headstock, for higher accuracy and rigidity. The drive pulley is mounted outside the headstock for ease of speed change.

Ball Screw operated CNC, Six Position turret, Mechanical Hand / Pneumatic Operated Collet Chucking Equipment, Centralised Lubrication, Guarding.

Coolent Equipment, All Tool Holders for Cross / Vertical Slides & Turret, Hand Operated Chuck with Back Plate, Long Turning Attachment, Bar Feed Attachment, Cross Slide, Machine Lamp, Vertical Slide Microprocessor Piece Counter cum Tool Life Indicator We also offer any special tooling attachments as per customer's requirements.

Basic machine features:
  • User friendly controller
  • Precision ground ballscrew
  • Machine enclosure with sliding door
  • Ergonomically located Pendant with easy manuoverability
  • Instruction and opearation manual
Optional machine features :
  • Motorised lubrication system
  • Coolant system.
  • Manual pulse generator
  • Pnumatic low cost autoloading attachment
  • Machine lamp
CNC system :
  • Delta
  • Number of axis-1
  • Manual data input
  • Part program storage and Editing
  • Constant surface speed control
  • Multiple repetitive cycles
  • RS 232 interface

Six Station CNC Turret Lathes