CNC Lathes Machine

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TM-4X-42 CNC Machine : CNC Turn Mill Center Machine

• Aesthetic and Ergonomic Design
• Idle Time Saver
• Photos are for visual reference only
• Excellent Combination of Rotary and Linear Tools
• High Productivity
• 6 Live toolSpindles
• Best for Complex Parts

This is a 4 Axis Linear tooling Turn Mill CNC Lathe.It's the most economical alternative to a turret type C axis Lathe.The Tooling System comprises of five turning,five boring and Six Live tools, giving a capacity of 15 tools.Its Unique Design Allows Rapid Chip to Chip time and enables reduction in cycle time. About 25% of processing time can be reduced and economical efficiency of the machine is increased. The rigid structure provides heavy duty cutting operations as well. Six Live tool spindles with both C axis andY axis can complete most complex work pieces in single setup. The 90 degree vertical design of slides enable direct chips to fall into the tray without any accumulation on slides. The machine can also be configured with a bar feeder, Chip conveyer or a Part Catcher as well.

CNC Turn Mill Center Machine, Turn Mill CNC Machines / CNC Lathes

Structure :

The Machine Base and Slides are ribbed rigidly to impart Stability and robustness. They are accurately machined & ground for optimum performance, minimum distortion, superior vibration control,and cutting stability. The machine is aesthetically and ergonomically designed to provide easy access to working area and HMI panel. Well dimensioned spaces for flow of chips and circulation for cutting fluids is provided with through coolant system as well.

Tooling System :

The Gang tooling system allows fast chip to chip time as the travel of tool is very less while changing tool position. The Addition of Y axis allows complex "Off-Centered" milling operations to be done, and with full C axis control many complex shapes can be machined Thus, the machine can be used as a turn mill centre.Tool holding of live tools is achieved by EF20 collets, enabling the use of economic standard tools. The Slides have X,Y & Z axis movements and hence drilling or milling on face or PCD or on Diameter, Spanner flat on Shaft Diameter, Helical Grooving, Polygonal Milling, Square or Hexagonal Shape cutting, etc.are easily possible on this Machine.

Spindle :

The Cartridge type case hardened alloy steel spindle runs on P4 high precision bearings sustaining high radial and axial forces to allow heavy duty cutting. The Coolant is circulated in the headstock for better cooling effect for the spindle. The Spindle is assembled and tested in a temperature controlled sealed room and requires no maintenance.

TM-4X-42 Livetool Arrangemet


Components proved on machine

Components proved on machine

CNC Turn-mill Center Machine-TM-4X-42


Basic Machine Consists of :

  • Spindle Assembly supported in pre-loaded precision class bearings of P4 Class Accuracy.
  • Coolant Cooled Cartridge
  • ExternalEncoder Feedback
  • Servo Spindle and Axes Drives
  • Rigid Structure
  • Fully Supported toolcarrier gearbox on Y axis and Aligned Linear ToolSlides.
  • 6 Rotary and 5 Linear tools
  • Hydraulic Collet Chucking
  • Coolant System and Chip Tray.
  • Machine Lamp and Panel Lamp.
  • Centralized automatic lubrication system
  • Leakproof Enclosure with single Sliding Door
  • ToolKit and Machine Manual
  • Advanced and Ergonomic Controller

Optional Machine Feature:

  • Tower Lamp
  • Chip Conveyer
  • Part Catcher
  • Hydraulic Bar Feeding System
  • 3 Jaw Chuck
  • Auto Loading System
  • Voltage Stabilizer

CNC System :

  • No of Axis - 5 ( X,Y,Z,C and Rotary tools)
  • Manual Data Input
  • Part Programme Storage and Editing
  • Constant Surface speed Control
  • Thread Cutting Cycles
  • Linear and Circular Interpolation
  • Backlash Compensation
  • Rigid Tapping