Experience the next Genaration of CNC Machines

  • High RPM & High Productivity
  • Economy is the Key
  • Compact foot print
  • Ergonomic and user friendly
  • Designed coolant
  • Aesthetically sound

Abhijat make Next Genaration of CNC Machines Turbaturn-20+ is designed to provide convenient operating facility, rigidity, high accuracy and short machining times. The product is built on a very strong & sturdy base. The rigid & stable cartidge spindle and high power motor enables high accuracy machining with good surface quality. LM guide ways and ball screws are used in both the slides ensuring smooth and consistent axial movements. The coolant system and big chip collector are accommodated in machine base to save on the space.

Basic Machine Consist of:
  • LM slides for X & Y axis
  • Pneumatic collet Chucking
  • Centralized auto lubrication
  • Coolant Attachment
  • Removable coolant tank
  • Rear operated chip tray
  • LED Mchine lamp
  • Instruction Manual
  • Tool Kit
  • Ergonomic Electrical Control Panel
CNC system Details :
  • System Controller
  • Number of axis 2 nos.
  • Manual data input
  • Constant surface speed control
  • Multiple repetitive cycles
  • Thread cutting cycles
  • Tool Compensation & Clearance Compensation
  • Graphics Display
  • USB Port
Optional Machine Features:
  • Hydraulic collect clamping
  • Sqaure tool post
  • Pnenumatic part catcher
  • Manual Pulse Generator
  • Pipe type gravity bar feeder attachment-2 mtr.
  • Foot Switch
  • Tool Holders
  • 3 Phase voltage stabilizer